Mini Musik

‘Mini Musik’ 

with Heidi Muendel MMus and Ali Reza Saeedi


BIRTHDAY PARTIES for children 1-6 years old!
*more info below


‘Mini Musik’ Courses in Bockenheim:


Thank you for your interest in ‘Mini Musik’.  The Nov/Dec courses are full.

Priority for January will be given to current attendees, but feel free to put yourself on the list now.

Dear Parents,

    I am a mother of a 3.5 year old and have been teaching music for over 20 years. I work with all ages of children and adults. Assisting your children to discovering the joy of sound, singing, movement and rhythm has become a fun addition to my Studio.

    In these courses the children will play with a variety of instruments, sounds, song, and dance with a strong focus on rhythm. In contrast to ‘method’ children music classes, I follow the needs, interests and moods of the children and parents on a particular day. For example: some days will be high energy with blues and rock and roll, others more singing, and sometimes very peaceful classical or world music for movement. We often incorporate the instruments with the movement.

It is not only fun for children to discover music, but also creates an essential balance between the right and left sides of the brain. Music and movement also assist to build confidence and language skills in children.

I am offering these classes in the Life-Sound Studio FRANKFURT:


14./16. Jan. – 25./27. Feb 

Tuesdays  16:00 2-3 yrs    FULL

Thursdays 16:00   1.5-2.5 yrs  FULL

Thursdays 17:00     3-6 yrs   2 SPOTS LEFT

(7 Weeks = 70€     Second child from the same family half price)


03. Feb. – 02. Mar.


Monday 16:00 1-3yrs with Ali Reza Saeedi 5 SPACES AVAILABLE

(5 Weeks = 50€     Second child from the same family half price)


Age categories are just a suggestion.

If another time slot suits you better please feel free to join that group.

Class duration:  45 Minutes.

Group Size: 9-12 children per group.,   01627016146

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Musical Greetings,

Heidi Muendel, MMus


BIRTHDAY PARTIES for children 1-6 years old!

Dear parents, I am now offering a musical experience similar to our classes for your birthday parties at home.

(If you don’t have space at home there are places such as my studio in Bockenheim the Life-Sound Studio Rödelheimer Landstrasse 58, or KidsClub/Family Club Eschenheimer Anlage 23a, 60318 Frankfurt am Main which have space for your child’s party.)

Delight your child and their friends with a unique experience of dancing, singing and instrumental play.

Capacity up to 9 children.
45 – 60min.
Fee is based on length of class, travel from Bockenheim by bike, and rental of space (if needed).
Availability is usually Saturday morning or early late afternoon/eve. Or Sundays.

Please inquire at