Welcome to the new Life-Sound Studio!


We are excited about introducing the evolution of the Life-Sound Studio. What began as my Private Singing Studio is now a multi-disciplinary network of caring coaches.

I began to realize a common thread with numerous students, they were coming to sing for their sanity. It wasn’t just a hobby, but rather, the one place where they could feel free, relaxed, silly, while discovering something unique to only them – their voices. I watch peoples confidence grow on a daily basis. But the dissatisfaction in other aspects of their lives was continuing. Whether it be at their jobs, their health (both mental and physical), or their relationships (especially the one with themselves).

I looked around and realized that I had contact with a number of people who had something they could offer these students, whether it be career counselling to find a more suited job, self-development workshops to learn new skills of awareness, German classes so they could integrate better here in Germany, piano lessons, or a vocal ensemble (The most fun you’ll have on a Saturday – Colin, ensemble participant), even a shiatsu session to let go of some of those kinks!!! So we decided to come together as a group and offer a one-stop-shop for the health of mind and body in HOBBIES, CAREER, and HEALTH!

The intention as I feel it from everyone involved, is to offer something that they love, and that will make someone else’s life happier and freer – and well more affordable!!! Hobbies are expensive, career coaching is expensive!! So we have created fees that we hope are fair for both the students and the coaches.

The atmosphere of working with these coaches is not easy to describe but I can tell you, these people are coming from their hearts, and they have brains! I hope you’ll let us be YOUR team!