The Life-Sound Studio is a portal for people looking for coaches in a variety of fields including music, languages,  health/fitness, and career.


Welcome to the Life-Sound-Studio.

Currently (like the currents of Life that flow, ceaselessly and ever-changing), the Life-Sound Studio has a strong focus on Music and Meditation.

Our space in Bockenheim lends itself graciously to private coaching and small workshops. It is an intimate space where people feel safe to allow themselves drop their daily masks and protection, and dive into solo or ensemble vocal play, musical experience with their children, deep meditative practices, soul-searching, and even considering new conscious career paths (ie. self-employment).

My name is Heidi, I am Canadian born, opera singer, and meditative workshop facilitator. I feel blessed to see the transformations happening, in adults and children alike, in our Studio everyday. My cousin Veronica is German born, co-facilitator of our meditation workshop, and conscious career coach. Together we assist hundreds of people find new, more conscious and playful ways to be in life.  Stella has been conducting the Vocal Ensemble for over 4 years, enriching every members’ life with music, sound, learning, and fun!

If you are one who wants more aliveness, joy, health, sound, singing, and understanding of the ‘essence of our nature’ come  SING – LEARN – GROW – INSPIRE –  PLAY – MEDITATE with us.


We are physically located in Bockenheim, Frankfurt, germany, but we offer some online services internationally and workshops in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany and Vancouver and Kamloops, BC, Canada – or where requested, on this glorious planet.

The Life-Sound Studio began as my Private Singing Studio here in Frankfurt in 2012. Since 2017 we expanded into a network of coaches interested in assisting people in developing skills, their well-being/health, and hobbies. Please visit our TEAM page to meet more of our coaches.

Wishing you a fulfilling life, rich in experience, clarity, and love,

Heidi Muendel

We are constantly evolving with the needs and inspirations of the communities around us. If our mission statement resonates with you and you are interested in offering a workshop or service through our portal please contact us at info@life-sound-studio.com.

How do I sign up?

Send an email to info@life-sound-studio.com letting us know in which course(s) you are interested in and we will connect you directly to the appropriate coach.