Mini Musik

‘Mini Musik’ and ‘Baby Beatz’

at the Life-Sound Studio

We had some great zoom classes and fun improv videos the past 2 months. Everyone is finding creative solutions in an interesting time:-) We will stop live classes for the Summer and reasses how to continue. Please keep an eye on our website for updates.

In the meantime we will spend some time creating a video series with music education and fun for parents, children. These will be available in the next months. If you are interested in the series please request more information via email:

For more information on the Babybeatz classes please contact:

Dear Parents,

    I am a mother of a 4 year old and have been teaching music for over 25 years. I work with children and adults of all ages. Assisting your children to discovering the joy of sound, singing, movement and rhythm has become a fun and fulfilling addition to my Studio.

*Due to the increased interest in the classes and overflowing registrations, I was inspired to train a few teachers in the concept that I offer. We now have an English class on Mondays and a babies class beginning in Mid-March.  Each new teacher will combine their own style and talents with some of the basic structure I offer in my classes. (*If you are interested in future Teacher Trainings please let me know.)

    In these courses the children will play with a variety of instruments, sounds, song, and dance with a strong focus on rhythm. In contrast to ‘method’ children music classes, I follow the needs, interests and moods of the children and parents on a particular day. I have been working with group dynamics for over 30 years and find it essential aspect of working with children.  For example: some days will be high energy with blues and rock and roll, others more singing, and sometimes very peaceful classical or world music for movement.  We often incorporate the instruments with the music and movement.  I will observe the dynamic of the room and tailor the class to create as harmonious an environment as possible for all the varying moods, personalities, skills, and energy levels.

It is not only fun for children to discover music, but it also creates an essential balance between the right and left sides of the brain. Music and movement assist to build confidence and language skills in children and is a beautiful addition to playful dinnertimes, car trips, family time, and so on…