Mini Musik

‘Mini Musik’ and ‘Instrumental Discovery’

We will have some wonderful pop-up classes this summer as long as we are allowed to meet outside!!! We have a whatsapp group. Please send an sms if you are interested. 01627016146

Dear Parents,

     Heidi, the founder of the Life-Sound Studio and ‘Mini Musik’ is a mother of a 5 year old and has been teaching music for over 25 years. Her colleagues are talented musicians who have a passion for working with children and introducing them to the world of music. We work with children and adults of all ages. Assisting your children to discovering the joy of sound, singing, movement and rhythm has become a fun and fulfilling addition to our Studio.

       In our courses the children will play with a variety of instruments, sounds, song, and dance with a strong focus on rhythm. In contrast to ‘method’ children music classes, we follow the needs, interests and moods of the children and parents on a particular day.

It is not only fun for children to discover music, but it also creates an essential balance between the right and left sides of the brain. Music and movement assist to build confidence and language skills in children and is a beautiful addition to playful dinnertimes, car trips, family time, and so on…

These early years are a special time in a child’s life where every impulse can inspire their future.

We feel honoured to be a part of your child’s discovery of music.

The Life-Sound Studio Team


Possible ‘Pop-Up Mini Musik’ classes w/ Heidi or  weekly ‘Instrumental Discovery’ class w/ Ali at the Life-Sound Studio:

Mondays 15:30   or 16:30  All ages

Possible ‘Pop-Up Mini Musik’ classes w/ Heidi at the Life-Sound Studio in the Field:

Thursday 16:00     All ages

Current classes w/ Heidi at the LIGHTHOUSE, Wiesbaden:

Wednesdays 16:00       ‘Lighthouse KIDZ’     4 – 6yr olds

*All classes are kept to max 5 children, and there are new hygiene regulations in the studio.


To inquire about fees, or to register for a class,   please email:


A note on the current situation…

I, Heidi, am unable to personally offer regular ‘Mini Musik’ classes in Frankfurt. The corona situation makes offering classes of the capacity I wish to offer not possible in our small studio. I am very grateful to all the parents, and for the bonding with you and your children these past years.    I will however continue to offer ‘pop-up’ classes when time allows. There is a Whatsapp group for interested families.   I have expanded my teaching to Wiesbaden where I am offering a class on Wednesdays for 4-6yr olds in the Lighthouse.

You, and your children, can continue to learn and discover music in our studio.   My colleague is offering ‘Instrumental Discovery’ at our studio on Mondays.   As the situation changes, so will our offerings. I thank you for your patience, and we hope to continue inspiring you, and your children, with music for years to come.